10bw‘People in the LGBT community have been major contributors to the arts community, both creatively in the spotlight and financially behind the scenes. While LGBT people are given credit for their achievements, sometimes who they are is swept “into the closet”. With this portrait series, the Arts and LGBT communities come together, celebrating their separate and diverse identities as well as their interconnectedness.’
-James Fowler, Curator

The 10X10 Photography Project is an annual event and publication that celebrates queer Canadians in the arts. Portraits of 100 LGBTI Canadians in the arts by 10 queer Canadian photographers will be exhibited at the Gladstone Hotel, opening with a reception held during WorldPride on Thursday, June 26th, 2014 at 7pm.

Now in its fourth year, 10X10 has become one of Toronto’s most anticipated annual visual art events during Pride. As a celebration of the Canadian queers in the arts, the 2014 exhibition during WorldPride presents an exciting opportunity to showcase the diversity, personality, and passion of our community on an international stage. The accompanying book of portraits, available for sale to the public, serves as an important documentation of the immense power and creativity of queerness.

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