Anthony - barr y Harris musician producer songwriter singer remixer dj
Barry Harris, musician, producer, songwriter, singer, re-mixer dj

Anthony - Cory Walker associate producer assistant director project design manager television aficionado
Cory Walker, associate producer, assistant director, project design manager, television aficionado

Anthony - Francis gaudreault marketing p.r.
Francis gaudreault, marketing p.r.

Anthony - Isaac Clements tv and film executive bad-ass
Isaac Clements, tv and film executive, bad-ass

Anthony - Lucian Matis fashion designer
Lucian Matis, fashion designer

Anthony - Marcos Daniel Moldes researcher instructor writer activist shit-disturber
Marcos Daniel Moldes, researcher instructor, writer, activist s,hit-disturber

Anthony - Patrick Rahmé make-up artisthairstylist
Patrick Rahmé, make-up artist, hair stylist

Anthony - Ron White shoe designer
Ron White, shoe designer

Anthony - Tony Barone chef educator
Tony Barone, chef educator

W. McMurray, account manager, creative director,
print manager, model gay icon

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