Walter - adam garnet jones director screenwriter
Adam Garnet Jones, director, screenwriter

Walter - Andrew zealley artist
Andrew Zealley, artist

Walter - james b fowler artist designer educator researcher archivist
James B. Fowler, artist, designer, educator, researcher, archivist

Walter - Kathleen pirrie adams curator educator
Kathleen Pirrie Adams, curator, educator

Walter - Lorraine segato singer-songwriter social justice activist
Lorraine Segato, singer-songwriter, social justice activist

Walter - mathieu maslard fund officer The Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund
Mathieu Maslard, fund officer The Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund

Walter - Peter Lauterman creator writer story editor producer showrunner
Walter – Peter Lauterman, creator, writer, story editor, producer, show-runner

Walter - richard partin gton actor musician teacher
Richard Partington, actor, musician, teacher

Walter - Rick Mercer comedian television personality political satirist
Rick Mercer, comedian, television personality, political satirist

Walter - Scott thompson actor comedian
Scott Thompson, actor, comedian

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