2016 Photographers

HEADSHOT Heartbeats

HEARTBEATS is Karen Campos Castillo & Vivek Shraya. Their website heart-beats.ca began talking about clothing and fashion in 2013 as a way to also discuss bodies seldom represented in popular culture and online communities; bodies that are fat, bodies that are brown and bodies that are queer. Since its inception in 2013, heart-beats.ca has profiled over two dozen Indigenous and artists of colour. Karen is a Salvadoreña graphic designer and illustrator and Vivek is a multidisciplinary artist.

Headshot James Fowler

James Fowler is a visual artist and independent curator. He has worked in the medium of film and photography for many years and returns to one of his first passions with this project, seeking to investigate the nature of portraiture and interrogate the notion of authorship. James is also the founder and curator of the 10X10 Photography Project.

N. Maxwell Lander is a photographer, designer, and othertype-of-artist. He is an advocate of the Oxford Dictionary including “pig” as a classification of gender and in an ideal world would only be allowed to respond with “aspiring bearmanthing” when asked if he was a boy or a girl.

headshot kelly mccray
Kelly McCray has exhibited/curated extensively over the past 25 years. In 2015, Stephen Bulger Gallery featured his Lens Krafter book project. His 2003 series, The Ken Portraits, was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and in 2001, the Gnawts Project was exhibited at Gallery TPW, for which he received the Pollock-Krasner award. He is co-founder of ArtBarrage.com, Bank on Art and currently curates the exhibitions at First Canadian Place Gallery in Toronto.

headshot wynne neilly
Wynne Neilly is a queer and trans-identified visual artist working out of Toronto, Ontario. Upon completion of his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Image Arts at Ryerson University in the summer of 2012, Wynne has directed his focus on producing and showcasing work in gallery spaces across North America. His work has been featured in Original Plumbing, Huffington Post, and Refinery29. Wynne focuses on portraiture and editorial work, using its personal nature to reflect the development of identity and the complexities of human gender expression.

Richard Rhyme Headshot
Richard Rhyme spends his time seeking transcendent experiences whenever and wherever he can. His work has been broadcast on television, published in major music releases and art magazines, appeared on buildings and billboards, featured in numerous advertisements and corporate annual reports, worn on t-shirts and projected into the night sky, and, in an unexpected life event many years ago, some of his work was blessed by a priest.

Gun Roze is a Toronto-born fine art photographer, who also resided in Vancouver and New York City. He explored his own personal photography while balancing a demanding master analog printer career for over three decades. In 2012, after rediscovering his archived Manhattan 1982 negatives, he returned to photographing NYC street life. In 2013, a few Manhattan 1982 images were included in ClampArt’s (NYC) group show. A solo show from the same series was exhibited at Akasha Art Projects (Toronto) in March 2015. A Manhattan 1982 book is in progress.

Headshot Damian Siqueiros
Damian Siqueiros is a Montreal-based photographer and multidisciplinary artist. The painterly aesthetic in his oeuvre is a tool that allows him to make a link between contemporary and historical perspectives. The core themes of his artistic work are deconstructing gender identity to promote gender equality, and the acceptance of gender diversity. He views gender identity as a performance and a socially constructed part of human behavior. This is why, dance, has become an integral tool to illustrate his views and challenge preconceived ideas about identity.

Headshot John Webster
John Webster was born in Brandon, Manitoba in 1964. He graduated from OCA in 1987. Highlights include Bic pen/Hilroy scribbler illustrations of ladies in puffy dresses (1970s), chess pawn “Ice Capades” (1974), tennis racket–playing singer for rock group Candy Cane (1974), and The Brontes, a Disney animation series pilot (2001–2004). He has had several solo exhibits in Toronto and group shows in NYC and LA. John is currently creating “The Most Beautiful Dress In The World.” He lives in Parkdale with his awesome cat, Sebastian.

headhsot adam zivo
Adam Zivo lives in Toronto, where he does important art things. He has done important art things in New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto, with a BA in philosophy. He is inspired by capitalism and enjoys fossilizing the world in an aesthetic that is neurotically concerned with perfection. He primarily shoots fashion work and cute boys.