2011 Photographers

Gender benders, drag kings, extroverts, fishnets and glitter, performance art and portraits on the fly, Tania Anderson has been photographing in queer communities for over ten years. Tania’s photographs serve as a record that documents queer history, a record that bears witness to the lives of fierce and talented and beautiful and creative queers who continue to push the boundaries, make art, write cool stuff, perform and survive, despite every kind of pressure to behave, be silent, fit in, and forget all about who we are.


Joey’s passion for art, photography and painting began very early in his life and is fostered daily through his work as an Art Director for CBC. His skills were honed at Durham College, where Joey studied a graphic arts program that also included 2 years of photography. Inspired by extreme contrast in colours, textures and scenery, Joey is drawn to opposing elements – light and dark, angular and circular, solid and transparent, rustic and sleek, traditional and contemporary. Although the majority of his photography is used as the research and basis for his artwork, Joey also enjoys photographing bands and live events.

Paul Buen lives in Toronto, Canada and works as a web designer/developer. He always has a camera on-hand and is usually found wandering the streets with his junk store cameras. When taking pictures, Paul loves that clear and vivid instant when subjects lose their meaning and dissolve into an arrangement of line, shape, and texture.

John Caffery’s polaroids capture a period in Toronto’s queer history during the late 1990’s and into the turn of the century.  John has heavily documented the art and music scenes and their intersections within the queer community focusing on international underground stars who came to visit as well as local heroes.  His artistic practice incorporates music, dance, film, video, textiles, and photography. He is a founding member of Kids On TV, the electro-punk band which has since 2003 melded live performance, film, video, dance-club music and experimental rock.

With over 20 years in the ‘fashion’ biz, working on photo shoots, runway shows, special events, commercials & music videos, all that experience, InkedKenny carries through to his career now as a photographer, self taught with the camera/photoshop, learning as he goes and lovin’ it.

Patrick Lightheart is a digital photographer living and working in Toronto, Canada. His work spans many facets of design from photography to interiors to advertising campaigns for local business to board games.

David Pike has an Arts Degree from the University of Toronto. His photography began in conjunction with the local music scenes in Southern Ontario, which grew into providing him opportunities to work for numerous Toronto-based publications. When no taking photos of bands, models or wherever else he is sent, David plays in a local punk band.

Geoff is a professional graphic designer living and working in downtown Toronto. Where his visual art and photography are concerned, he draws broadly from his many years of experience in set design, film, theatre and his schooling in psychology to create an unusual (and sometimes unearthly) collision between portraiture and figurative work. He rarely works as a commercial photographer, but does so occasionally when he’s granted a ridiculous amount of creative freedom. He’s only too happy to contribute to a good cause, and is probably best known on his home turf for contributing to ACT’s ‘BDSM: Safer kinky sex’ Brochure.

Tanja-Tiziana is a visual artist and professional photographer from Toronto, Canada. Her work explores the style and substance of past eras within the modern metropolis. She is currently the Managing Photographer at Yonge Street Magazine.

Rannie Turingan is a freelance photographer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He specializes in portraiture work, engaging his subjects to draw out and capture their essence in each photo. His work has appeared in several publications over the years in print and web, including the HotDocs 2006 promotional campaign and Spacing Magazine.