LUX Award

David Buchan 4
Photo by Paul Orenstein.


10X10, in partnership with the INSPIRE Awards and the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives is please to present the inaugural LUX Award. Named after a unit of light, the LUX Award was created to posthumously honour an LGBTQ Canadian who has made a significant contribution to the arts during their lifetime. This year’s recipient is David Buchan. David passed away in 1994 due to complications created by the AIDS virus. In his lifetime, David worked closely with General Idea and Art Metropole and was involved with Chromazone, Homogenuis and Fruit Cocktails. His work was often seen in FILE magazine.

A portrait of David is included in the 2013 edition of 10×10 and his image will be included in the book. A framed copy of the photo will be in the CLGA lobby for 2013-14.