Portrait of the Day: BRENT EVERETT

Brent Everett is a porn star and entrepreneur. He has been featured in countless adult films and magazines, been the subject of a documentary and television show, and is widely considered to be one of the most preeminent gay adult performers of his generation.

Photo by Adam Zivo
from 10×10 Volume 6 (2016)

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Portrait of the Day: JUUL HAALMEYER

Juul Haalmeyer is an iconic costume designer, terrible dancer, mediocre singer and an accomplished bad actor who has happily pulled the wool over so many eyes for oh so many years. He has designed frocks for every Canadian show you can think of… from “The Pig And Whistle” to “SCTV.”

Portrait by John Webster
from 10×10 Volume 6 (2016)

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Portrait of the Day: LAURENCE TREMBLAY-VU

LAURENCE TREMBLAY-VU is a multi-disciplinary circus artist. He cultivates his soul and his balance in harmony with the energy of movement, his sensitivity to matter and spatial awareness. His vision articulates around the captivating universe of imagination, spiritual poetry and conceptual artistry. Before graduating from circus school (NCS), he completed university studies in environmental design and architecture.

Photo by Damian Siqueiros
from 10×10 Volume 6 (2016)

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10X10 Sneak Peeks: Charles Pachter

The opening reception for 10X10 is quickly approaching!

We’re cleaning the glass, straightening the frames, making sure everything is ready for June 26th at the Gladstone Hotel. All the of the 2014 photographers will be there and many of the subjects have already RSVP’d. Let us know you’ll be there to celebrate with us by joining our Facebook Event.

To celebrate our talented subjects this year, each day from now until June 26th we are sharing ONE portrait for the current exhibition.  Thee exception Canadians represent some of Canada’s LGBT celebrities and new rising stars. They have contributed to the arts through their creative practice in a variety of disciplines or have supported the arts as arts workers, activists, philanthropists, and educators. During Pride week in Toronto, we come together to celebrate both their contributions and who they are – bright, bold and brave people, living out proud lives.

First up, a man who needs little introduction…


CHARLES PACHTER  |  visual artist

One of Canada’s leading  contemporary artists, Charles Pachter is a painter, printmaker, sculpture, designer, historian and lecturer. Born in Toronto, his work has been exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Royal Ontario Museum, and the McMichael Gallery., and he has held solo ehibitons in France, Germany, Japan, the UK, and India. His images of the queen, moose, and maple leaf flag are icons of Canadian contemporary art. His murals HOCKEY KNIGHTS IN CANADA can be seen in Toronto’s College subway station.

Portrait of Charles Patcher by Pascal Arseneau.

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For a full list of previous 10X10 subjects, please see our subjects list.  Know some not on the list who you think should be a future subject? Nominate them here.















Portrait of the Day: Peter Kingstone

Lise - Peter Kingstone artist
Peter Kingstone is a Toronto-based visual artist and curator, working primarily in video and photography. Peter’s installation pieces have been shown across Canada
and internationally, and he was awarded the Untitled Artist Award in 2005 for his installation The Strange Case of peter K. (1974-2004). Peter holds a degree in
Philosophy/Cultural Studies from Trent University and a Masters of Fine Art focusing on video and new media from York University. Peter has presented at many
conferences on the ideas around storytelling and social engagement.

Portrait by Lise Beaudry

Portrait of the Day: Jade Rude

Bruno - JADE RUDE artist
Jade Rude is a Canadian-based artist who works in a variety of media including sculptural, installation, photography and video. Through a variety of perception shifting tactics she aims to disrupt our familiar responses to certain objects through playful strategies. Rude studied social theory in Norway, art and design in England and graduated from the Alberta College of Art. Rude has exhibited in Canada, the US, England, Japan, Columbia and MAMBA in Buenos Aires.

Photo by Bruno Billio.