Portrait of the Day: BRENT EVERETT

Brent Everett is a porn star and entrepreneur. He has been featured in countless adult films and magazines, been the subject of a documentary and television show, and is widely considered to be one of the most preeminent gay adult performers of his generation.

Photo by Adam Zivo
from 10×10 Volume 6 (2016)

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Portrait of the Day: LAURENCE TREMBLAY-VU

LAURENCE TREMBLAY-VU is a multi-disciplinary circus artist. He cultivates his soul and his balance in harmony with the energy of movement, his sensitivity to matter and spatial awareness. His vision articulates around the captivating universe of imagination, spiritual poetry and conceptual artistry. Before graduating from circus school (NCS), he completed university studies in environmental design and architecture.

Photo by Damian Siqueiros
from 10×10 Volume 6 (2016)

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